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Balancing the books for you!

Reconcile accounts at end of month

Having reconciled accounts means your financials are up-to-date so you or your accountant can start to analyze them.

Record and pay bills

A good bookkeeper recognizes that cash flow management is absolutely critical to a small business’ success and will only pay bills when they become due.

Create and issue invoices

Larger companies have accounts receivable departments for a reason. Customers often require a lot of reminders to pay their invoice and the life of your company depends on it. Delegate it to your bookkeeper so the issue is black and white. To the bookkeeper it’s, “Have we received payment? No. Then follow up until the invoice is paid.”

Process and reconcile payroll

Payroll is not as simple as many people think, and payroll is a specialized skill that not all bookkeepers have. I, however, have years of experience in this area and can handle all aspects of processing payroll for small and mid-sized businesses.

Track, file, and pay sales tax (GST, PST, HST, RST)

As your bookkeeper, I will be tracking the sales taxes that you collect and pay so that your sales tax returns are accurate and so that you don’t overpay.

Keep tabs on your cash balance

You will want to know what your cash balance is and what money is expected to go in and go out. As your bookkeeper, I will keep these records and let you know if you are going to be short cash to pay bills so you can make other arrangements.

Provide reports

As your bookkeeper, I can provide you with reports that show accounts payable (what you owe) and accounts receivable (what’s owed to you) as well as a simplified profit and loss report. Many other custom reports can be created upon request.

And the little details…

  • File your Worker’s Compensation report and pay the bill.
  • Remind you to renew your municipal business license (or I can do it for you).
  • Remind your lawyer that your year-end is up and that annual filings are to be completed.
  • Provide the necessary documents to your accountant at year end to minimize your accounting fees.
  • Notice when an expense doesn’t make sense, or if you may have been double billed for something.
  • Follow up on missing information.

Welcoming new clients!

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