Meaghan Duke

CEO and Head Bookkeeper

I started my life out in Calgary, Alberta, and moved out to the west coast in 2010 to complete my BSc. with a major in Biology at the University of Victoria. I loved it here so much I decided to stay. I was making a modest living working for the Provincial Government, but when the pandemic hit everything changed!

I was looking for a career change when a dear friend of mine got me into bookkeeping. She taught me everything she knew, and I temporarily took over her position as head bookkeeper for a successful small business while she was on maternity leave.

While it seemed like a big switch to go from science to bookkeeping, there are actually a lot of parallels. I found that the skills I had, such as detailed record-keeping of data, manipulating numbers, and creating useful reports and charts were very useful and transferable, and I enjoyed the work, so my career switched lanes.

I completed my Bookkeeping Accreditation from Camosun College and I now run my own successful bookkeeping business. As a bookkeeper and small business owner, I have the experience and know-how to provide excellent bookkeeping services and administrative support to your small or mid-sized business.